Beautification Commission

Meeting Dates: 3rd Wednesday of each month.

Appointment: The Beautification Commission shall be composed of nine members. The mayor, with the approval of the City Council shall, appoint the Beautification Commission.

Purpose: To pursue and maintain beauty and strive for aesthetically pleasing surroundings in the city, in the following manner:

  1. By promoting public education against the discarding of litter in our streets, alleys, sidewalks, gutters, parks and other recreational areas or similar public places;
  2. By enlisting the active support of interested individuals, business, industry, the schools and civic organizations;
  3. By encouraging developers, absentee owners, homeowners, tenants and businessmen to accept basic responsibilities for preserving and enhancing the beauty of public and private places;
  4. To sponsor, plan and promote special spring and fall fix-up, paint-up, and clean-up campaigns;
  5. To investigate, study and recommend plans for improving the general health, sanitation, safety and cleanliness of the city;
  6. To encourage the placing, planting and preservation of trees, flowers and shrubbery and to sponsor and promote Arbor Week;
  7. To sponsor a program of general improvement of appearance of all properties in the City.

Fenton Receives a Tree Restoration Grant!

The Fenton Community Fund has awarded the City of Fenton a $6000.00 Challenge Grant to fund the replacement of trees lost in the August 2007 tornado.  For every dollar raised through community donations, a matching dollar will be granted through this award.

The focus is on those areas hardest hit by the tornado: Ellen Street, East Street and O'Donnell Park at the corner of East and Ellen; and the grounds of the Fenton Community Center; and City Hall on S. Leroy Street.

The City of Fenton, Tree Restoration Committee is working to finalize a plan for tree replacement throughout the community.  The plan was implemented to assure that plantings were done in a manner that added to the beauty of the area and provided tree species that would flourish.  Members considered a variety of tree species -- including lindens, autumn blaze maples and river birch -- guided by such factors as how fast they grow, how pretty they look and how much shade they provide. 

But the number of new trees -- and the timeline for planting -- will hinge on how much money the community is willing to give.  If you are interested in contributing to this effort please contact City Hall, (810) 629-2611



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