Museum Board

Meeting Dates: 3rd Thursday of odd months.

Appointment: The Museum Board shall consist of seven members who are residents of the city. The members of the Museum Board shall be appointed by the City Council.

Purpose: To work in cooperation with the Fenton Historical Society, and make recommendations to the City Council regarding establishing the hours of operation, staffing, and rules of procedure for the city's museum. To maintain and complete record of all artifacts donated or loaned to the City for display in the museum. To gather information from local, state and national organizations in the area of museums and museum services and keep the City Council informed about funding opportunities and developments regarding museums. To make recommendations to the City Council regarding changes to, and maintenance of the museum building, grounds, and furnishings. To serve as liaison between the Fenton Historical Society and the City Council. To work with the Fenton Historical Society, a nonprofit organization, to provide the best level and quality of museum services possible to the community. TO perform other tasks related to museum or historical purposes as authorized by the City Council.



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