Old Fire Hall Becomes Restaurant

The Old Fire Hall in Fenton, MI has been a cornerstone since it was built in 1938. For decades, it served as a home for the volunteer firefighters of the town of Fenton. But for the people and the community of Fenton, it served as much more. It not only housed those brave firemen who protected the town of Fenton, but it was a place for pancake breakfasts, parades and community gatherings.

When the fire station was relocated nearby, the Old Fire Hall sat empty for just over 10 years. But when the Clarkston Union was selected as the Fenton Fire Hall’s newest tenant in 2012, things began to liven up within the Old Fire Hall. 

The owners of the Clarkson Union and the Union Woodshop in Clarkston began work on opening a restaurant within the Old Fire House. 

By December of 2013, what once served as a home to the brave firemen and a community symbol to the town of Fenton was transformed into a fire-themed restaurant.  The Fenton Fire Hall Kitchen and Taproom is a woodfired grill restaurant where the people of Fenton and visitors can come gather to have some great food and drinks and reminisce about the old days of the Old Fire Hall. 


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