North Road Rehabilitation Project

Construction update for North Road Rehabilitation Project:

  • Final wear course paving on North Road from Torrey to Oak Park was completed last Friday.  Final grading back of curb is underway today/ tomorrow.  Hydro seeding is scheduled to be completed  this week.
  • There have been a few questions regarding the temporary pavement markings on the newly paved section of North Road.  The lack of a center turn lane is only temporary.  Final pavement markings will be done once the round-a-bout is completed which will include the center turn lane markings.
  • The water main crossing on North Road at Worchester is completed and in service.  The old water main section has been terminated and removed from service.
  • Phase 2A began last Monday.  Phase 2A is the construction of the northern portion of the round-a-bout at North Road and Torrey Road.
  • Torrey Road is closed at US-23; there is no access to North Road south of the US-23 interchange. The posted detour route is Torrey to S. Long Lake to N. Leroy to North Road and vice versa for access to Torrey Road.  Torrey Road is open to local traffic from S. Long Lake to US-23. The US-23 on/off ramps at Torrey remain open to traffic.  The contractor and OHM continue to make adjustments to signage to identify the road closure on Torrey and the detour route for Phase 2A construction.
  • The contractor and OHM found a way to keep North Road open both eastbound and westbound at the North Road/ Torrey Road intersection while Phase 2A is under construction.  This was originally planned to be one-way westbound during this stage of intersection re-construction.
  • The contractor will be shutting down operations on FRIDAY AUGUST 30th at 3PM in compliance with MDOT holiday weekend road construction work hours.  Work will resume on Tuesday September 3rd.
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