Water Main Flushing May 3-7

City of Fenton, Water Main Flushing, May 3rd thru May 7th.

Fenton, MI:  The City of Fenton Water Department will begin water main flushing in quadrants 1 and 3, beginning May 3rd and continuing through May 7th.  Water main flushing will be performed from 10:00PM through 4:00AM to minimize water pressure disruptions.

Flushing water mains removes minerals and sediment that naturally accumulate in the water distribution system. Fire hydrants are used for the flushing process which allows Water Department personnel to operate each hydrant to ensure proper function for fire protection. 

Once flushing is completed in your area, water may appear rust colored because iron and other mineral deposits in the water main are stirred by high velocity water flow associated with the flushing process.  There is no health hazard associated with discolored water and the water customer may need to run the cold water tap at all faucet locations in the home to eliminate discolored water.  We recommend waiting a day after discolored water is flushed from your pipes before doing laundry.

If you are experiencing discolored water after at least five minutes of cold water flushing at all faucets in your home, please contact the City of Fenton Water Department at 810-629-6347 for assistance. 

Please refer to the MAP where QUADRANTS  1 & 3 will be flushed the week of May 3rd through May 7th from 10:00PM to 4:00AM.

Contact:  City of Fenton

Name:     Dan Brisson, Public Works Director

Phone:    810.629.2261

Email:      dbrisson@cityoffenton.org


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