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About the CFBRA


The City of Fenton Brownfield Redevelopment Authority (CFBRA) was established by the City Council pursuant to and in accordance with the provisions of the Brownfield Redevelopment Financing Act, Act 381 of the Public Acts of the State of Michigan of 1996, as amended, for the purpose of facilitating the implementation of plans relating to the identification and treatment of environmentally distressed areas so as to promote revitalization in the City of Fenton.  Under the authority of the act the, any local unit of government may create a Brownfield Redevelopment Authority to enable a public, private, or non-profit developer to prepare a brownfield financing plan. The plan enables the CFBRA to:

  1. Capture increases in property tax revenues generated by the redevelopment to reimburse eligible activity costs.
  2. Use captured tax increment revenues to finance a local site remediation revolving fund to support the cleanup of other eligible brownfield sites.
  3. Provide eligibility for single business tax (SBT) credit to taxpayer/lessees for their investments on the eligible site
  4. Issue brownfield redevelopment authority bonds to front the costs of brownfield eligible activities associated with a redevelopment project


Purpose of the CFBRA


Is to encourage and assist developers who want to return property to productive use more quickly and at lower costs than before, while still protecting human resources. This is done via Brownfield tax increment-financing provisions which allow reimbursement of costs of baseline environmental assessment, due care activities and cleanup activities at contaminated sites. The city of Fenton has several properties that qualify and are being pursued under the Brownfield Act. The City's goal is to remediate and develop property considered a Brownfield site. Currently the Redevelopment Authority is considering the Tipsico Lake and Oak Street Property, both of which are owned by the City Of Fenton


CFBRA Financial Tools and Incentives


Brownfield Authority Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

What Is It?
Capture of increases in property tax revenues on eligible property to pay for costs of eligible activities.

How Does It Work?
A Brownfield Authority may 1). capture new property tax revenues generated by development of eligible property, and 2.) use captured funds to reimburse for costs of eligible activities.

Who Is Eligible?
Project activities can only be reimbursed if the Authority's Brownfield Plan has been approved by the community's governing body.

What Are The Incentives?
A Brownfield Authority TIF provides for reimbursement to parties who incurred eligible expenses. Multiple taxing jurisdictions participate, and local funding resources are created.




The City of Fenton is seeking one or more developers interested in developing two pieces of prime real estate identified as "Brownfield Sites" under EPA Guidelines. The Properties are referred to as Tipsico Lake Road Project and Oak Street Project.

Tipsico Lake Road Project

Description of Tipsico Lake Project

The City of Fenton owns 56+ contiguous acres of prime residential property on the southeast corner of the city boundary.  The property, near the heart of the city, needs environmental remediation resulting from its former use as the City landfill in the 1930's and 1940's. 

The land is located in Livingston County, and was recently annexed into the city.The property features a rolling terrain and many important and attractive geographic features.  The size of the landfill is approximately 1.5 acres.  A 3.5 acre parcel has been separated from the 56+ acre site and will be subject to long-term restrictions and monitoring. 

The property also features 12.8 acres of wetlands.The level of contamination has not been fully determined.  A Remedial Action Plan (RAP) has not been completed.  We expect the plan will call for a clean up of surface debris, placing a two foot topsoil cap, seeding and fencing of the area and the imposition of restrictive covenants on the 3.5 acre site.Technical Proposal Information

Land Description and Current Use

The project area is comprised of 56+ acres in northern Tyrone Township in Livingston County.  Annexed to the City of Fenton, the property is wholly undeveloped and presents an excellent opportunity to the selected developer.

Legal Description of Property

Part of the Northeast fractional 1/4 and part of Northwest fractional 1/4 of Section 1, Township 4 North, Range 6 East, described as follows: Beginning at the North 1/4 corner of Section 1; thence along the North line of said Section 1 and the Livingston-Genesee County line, South 89 degrees 38 minutes 20 seconds East, 39.75 feet to the South 1/4 corner of Section 36, thence along the occupied North line of Section 1, South 89 degrees 38 minutes 18 seconds East 1292.67 feet to a found 1/2 inch re-rod with Cap #12024, and being 6.11 feet Southerly of the actual North line of Section 1 and the Livingston-Genesee County line; thence along the East, North-South 1/8 line of said Section 1 (as occupied) on the following two courses: South 0 degrees 10 minutes 45 seconds East 1320.65 feet and south 1 degree 06 minutes 25 seconds East 262.49 feet (previously recorded as South 1 degree 14 minutes 10 seconds East, 262.62 feet); thence North 89 degrees 17 minutes 32 seconds West 939.05 feet (previously recorded as North 89 degrees 33 minutes 10 seconds West 939.37 feet); thence along the centerline of Tipsico Lake Road on the following three courses: North 37 degrees 35 minutes 14 seconds West 335.05 feet (previously recorded as North 37 degrees 58 minutes 20 seconds West 335.05 feet); and North 37 degrees 48 minutes 27 seconds West 830.05 feet; and North 37 degrees 35 minutes 39 seconds West 839.64 feet to the intersection of said centerline of Tipsico Lake Road with the centerline of Jayne Street being the North line of said Section 1 and the Livingston-Genesee County Line; thence along said North line of Section 1 and the Livingston-Genesee County Line South 89 degrees 38 minutes 20 seconds East 822.85 feet to the point of beginning. And subject to easements and right of way of record.

West/Northwest View of Property

Environmental Conditions

Over fifty years ago, a small portion of the 56-acre Tipsico Lake Road site was a location of disposal for municipal waste from the then Village of Fenton.  Apparently, when the Village ceased using this location as an area of disposal, some illegal dumping occurred at that portion of the site.  As a result of litigation, the City in 2000 acquired the site, including the former disposal area which is thought to comprise approximately 1.5 acres.The City has undertaken preliminary investigations through its consultants, Strata Environmental, which has confirmed some minimal groundwater contamination, consisting of chloride, iron, and lead.  Strata believes that this groundwater contamination is in a shallow groundwater zone and does not pose a risk to any usable aquifer in the area.  Strata has recommended some surface soil sampling to assess potential direct contact exposures at the site and additional groundwater sampling.  The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Environmental Response Division (now Remediation & Redevelopment Division) has requested that the limits of the landfill be determined.  Strata believes that a remedy consisting of some minimal surface cleanup of debris and refuse, the placement of a site cap to minimize exposure and long term infiltration through the fill and a restrictive covenant limiting groundwater usage and surface disturbances in an approximate 3 acre area will be adequate for closure of the landfill portion of the site.  The City, in the meantime, has prepared a due care plan consistent with the likely response needed at the site.

Front of Property Looking West

Legal Description ÐRestricted Area

An area of land in the Northwest 1/4 of the Northeast 1/4 and the Northeast 1/4 of the Northwest 1/4 of Section 1, T4N, R6E, Tyrone Township, Livingston County, Michigan; the boundary of said area being described as BEGINNING N 25 21'50" W, 856.71 feet and N 37 58'20" W, 707.70 feet from the center of Tipsico Lake Road on East and West 1/4 line; thence N 37 58'20" W, 428.31 feet; thence S 89 33'10" E, 584.34 feet; thence S 00 26'50" W, 335.57 feet; thence N 89 33'10" W, 318.19 feet to the point of beginning; said area contains 3.48 acres.

Oak Street Project

Description of Oak Street Project

The Oak Street Project is located on the north end of the City less than one mile and easy walking distance from the downtown area.  The property was used as a landfill in the 50's and 60's.  It is approximately 10 acres and is located in a residential neighborhood with moderately priced homes.  There is property adjacent to this parcel, not owned by the City, which is zoned for future residential development. 

Land Use

A 10 acre site in the City an was a landfill active as a late as the 1960's.  The area is in the middle of an existing residential neighborhood.

The City of Fenton Department of Economic Development is eager to meet with prospective developers regarding the development of the Tipsico Lake Project or the Oak Street Project. If you have any questions regarding these development opportunities or would like to schedule a development meeting please contact:

Department of Economic Development

301 South Leroy Street

Fenton, MI 48430



Michael Hart

Director of Economic Development

Tipsico Lake and Oak Street Project Development Opportunity Brochure
To view, Tipsico Lake and Oak Street Property Development Opportunity Brochure click on  the link below.  Files are in .PDF format, and Acrobat Reader is required.  Please note that these are large files and will require longer download times.

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