Election Information

The Secretary of State has developed a Voter Information Center, which can be accessed through their website: Michigan Voter Information Center (MVIC). Voters may now obtain information on their voter registration status, find the location and get directions to their polling place and preview their ballot. Also available is information on statewide candidates, ballot proposals and tutorials on the voting equipment used in their community. The State of Michigan has converted to the Optical Scan voting system. Genesee County has already converted all of its communities to this system due to the State mandate. The new voting system is part of a legislation package that has been handed down from the federal government. The U.S. Congress developed the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) to alleviate some of the problems caused by the 2000 Presidential election. This legislation was also designed to bring people out to the polls and make it easier for people to exercise their power to vote. With the changes in restrictions and the new equipment, you may find that voting has now become more error proof and more simplified than ever before.

City of Fenton voters will always report to the St. John's Activity Center, located at 600 N. Adelaide Street, in order to cast their vote. Voters will always report to the same polling location regardless of what type of election is being held so there will be no confusion about where to report. If you are unsure of what your precinct is, please contact City Hall and someone will assist you, or visit the information website listed above.

There has also been Voter ID Requirement legislation enacted that requires voters to display a current form of photo ID when they come out to the polls.  You will be asked to to present proper identification to the election inspectors in their precinct.  If you are not in possession of photo identification, an 'Affidavit of Voter Not in Possession of Picture Identification' form can be completed and can be found on the back side of the application to vote provided to you at the precinct.

The City of Fenton is always looking for individuals who wish to apply to be an election inspector. This position is a paid position and requires minimal training to perform. We encourage those of every age to take the opportunity to play an active role in local government.  Please see the Election Inspector Info Page for more information.

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