• 2020-2021 Consumer Fireworks Permitted Dates
  • What is my Insurance Services Office (ISO) rating?
    Currently, the city ISO rating is a class 3. The department recommends you contact your insurance company to make sure this is reflected in your premiums. A lower number means the less insurance you pay.
  • I live just outside of the City -- Why is my ISO rating different from the City’s?
    Your Insurance Service Offices rating is based on many factors, which are hard to explain in this short of space. It is dependant on whether each city or township has its own fire department, response times, water system infrastructure such as hydrants, number of people on the department and the equipment you carry on the trucks. There are so many variables. Ypu can go to the Tyrone Township's website for more information on your ISO rating if you live in Tyrone Township.
  • Where is my closest fire hydrant?
    Your best bet is walk around your neighborhood and look for the nearest hydrant. While not all areas of the city have hydrants, the majority of the city does. We would need to do the same thing as you and go look for the nearest hydrant.
  • Do you offer CPR Classes?
    The department does not sponsor any CPR classes through the city. We do have a few members of the department that will provide this service on their own time who can teach these classes. We also have contacts for other people in the immediate area who can teach classes. Call the fire station and leave a message for the medical officer with your name and number so they may call you back.
  • Do you offer instructions on how to properly install a car seat?
    No we do not, but there are classes and child safety seat checks that you can attend in the area. Please contact the receptionist at the hospital in which you attend for more information on classes, or use the internet and go to www.SafeKids.com.
  • How often should I change my smoke alarm battery?
    You should replace you smoke detector batteries once a year at least and or follow your manufacturers instructions for replacement. Usually the reminder is in the spring or fall when we set our clocks back that you change your batteries. October is fire prevention month and this is also a reminder to change your batteries in the fall. You should test your smoke detector once a month to make sure it is working properly. If your detector is set off constantly by cooking, it will wear out the batteries sooner and you will need to replace them sooner. A chirping sound or constant beep usually indicate low batteries, but models differ from one another. The bottom line is that you have one and change the battery at least once a year. More information can be found at the following link for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/pubs/5077.html
  • How often should I replace my smoke alarm?
    Each manufacturer is different for these products. It has been recommended in the past that every 10 years you should replace your smoke detector. In recent years some manufacturers have recommended every 6 years. Please refer to your manual that came with your smoke detector or visit the companies web site. More information can be found at the following link for the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/pubs/5077.html
  • Can I bring my child in to see the fire trucks?
    The departments Fire Prevention Officer schedules all organized station tours and fire prevention activities at local schools. If you happen to be walking by the station and see cars in the parking lot or the bay doors up you can stop in and see if we have someone available to give you a tour. We are happy to accommodate you in most cases except if we are in the middle of a training exercise or an emergency situation where we can’t spare anyone. If this is the case, we will take your name and telephone number and give you a call and schedule a time with you.
  • Do I need to call the fire station before I burn?
    Residents of Tyrone Township must obtain burn permits from the Tyrone Township office. For current regulations please consult Tyrone Township. In the City of Fenton, you are allowed to do certain things with an outdoor fire. Please click on the following link to see the ordnance regarding open burning.
  • Can I have a campfire?
    Yes, provided you follow the rules, please click on the link below regarding Open Burning. Residents of Tyrone Township must obtain burn permits from the Tyrone Township offices. For current regulations please consult Tyrone Township. In the City of Fenton, you are allowed to do certain things with an outdoor fire. Please click on the following link to see the ordnance regarding open burning.
  • Does the fire department fill swimming pools?
    The department does not fill swimming pools, there are pool companies in the area with large tanker trucks that can do this for you. We will sometimes fill a dunk tank that is used at a local event where the fire department participates in that event to explain fire prevention to children. These types of events need to be pre-approved by the Fire Chief.
  • I have some stuffed animals -- Can the fire department use them?
    The department carries on its rescue truck a small variety of stuffed animals for children involved in car accidents. We give them away to help ease a child’s mind when unfortunate things happen. The police department also uses stuffed animals in tough situations as well to help calm a child. While we do need to keep stuffed animals on hand, please contact either the Fire Chief or Police Chief before dropping off stuffed animals to determine if the supply is low or not. We do not have the storage room to stock pile them. All stuffed animals should be in good condition and clean, no rips or tears. Thank you to those who have donated them in the past, they help bring a smile to a child’s face.
  • What type of smoke alarm/CO Detector does the Fire Department recommend?
    The department does not recommend or endorse any particular brand of smoke detector or Carbon Monoxide detectors. You need to remember that in partial, you get what you pay for. Many different brands are available on the market today and vary in costs. The goal is to have one in working order – period!
  • Do you accept hazardous materials (batteries, mercury, etc.)
    The fire department does not accept any of these things. Each community in our surrounding area usually sponsors a hazardous materials drop off day each year where you can take old paint, oil, etc. to a drop off location for proper disposal. Contact your local governing body and ask about hazardous waste drop off days and locations.
  • How do I know which fire department will respond to my address?
    This depends on where you live. All residents of the City of Fenton receive service from the station located in downtown Fenton. If you are a resident of Tyrone Township in which services for fire protection are contracted from the City of Fenton and Fenton Township fire departments it breaks down as follows. The City of Fenton covers Tyrone Township on the east side of the township from top to bottom and includes anything on the expressway or ramps to the expressway. Fenton Township fire department covers the west side of Tyrone Township from top to bottom and their nearest station is on Owen Road, just west of the Fenton City limits.
  • Are you hiring? How can I become a firefighter?
    The fire department is always seeking qualified applicants that can help the community. We are particularly in need and looking for daytime firefighters. To learn more about the requirements and to fill out an application to join the department, please click on the link here.
  • How far is the fire station from my house? How long will it take the fire department to respond to my emergency?
    Our fire station is located at 205 E. Caroline Street in the City of Fenton located centrally in the downtown area. From here we respond to all calls including those in Tyrone Township. Response times vary depending on personnel available at the time, time of day, traffic and weather conditions, etc. We strive to get to your call for help as quickly and safely as possible to help you out.
  • Why are the Severe Weather Sirens going off?
    The Severe Weather sirens sound for testing purposes on the first Saturday of the month at 1:00 PM from March through November. They also sound when severe weather is present in the immediate area, which means TAKE COVER. Testing does not occur when severe weather is present to avoid confusion. When the sirens sound it is a 3 minute blast. There is NO all clear signal. The siren will continue on 3 minute intervals as long as there is a threat from severe weather.
  • Where is the fire station located? Are you the one on Owen Road? Directions?
    Our fire station is located at 205 E. Caroline Street in the City of Fenton, located centrally in the downtown area. We are located across from the Fenton Library in the area of The State Bank near the intersection of North Leroy and Silver Lake Road.
  • I live in an apartment complex. Is it ok to have my BBQ Grill on the balcony?
    No, the law does not allow this and too many fires start on balconies of apartment complexes that cause major damage. Because there is a higher risk to loss of life in a multiple occupancy structure like this, grills, hibachi’s and other such outdoor cooking is strictly prohibited.
  • My Carbon Monoxide Alarm is sounding. What should I do?
    Call 911 and report what is happening. Immediately leave your residence and wait for the fire department to arrive. Once there we will send in a team with special monitoring equipment, which will take air readings and determine the appropriate action at that time. For more information on Carbon Monoxide and signs and symptoms of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning please click on this link to Consumers Energy and click on the link to Carbon Monoxide Information on the top left side of the page. http://www.consumersenergy.com/welcome.htm
  • I had a fire at my residence last week -- How do I go about getting a copy of the Incident Report for my insurance company? Is there a charge for this report?
    Call the station (629-8595) during normal business hours to request a copy of a report. Typically there is not a charge for this service, however in certain cases there may be.
  • Can you tell me if the Fire Department has any records regarding environmental issues at this particular location? (underground gas tanks, spills, etc.)
    The fire department does not keep any records on file regarding environmental issues with particular sites. You can contact the city building department, Genesee County Drain Commission, Environmental protection Agency (EPA) or the Department of Enviromental Quality (DEQ) for issues regarding this information.
  • How come I can't hear you on my scanner?
    Both the police and fire departments are operating on a new statewide digital 800 Megahertz system which follows the APCO-25 standard. This system is meant to enhance communications locally, promote communications interoperability between agencies, and in the event of major disasters, give everyone the ability to communicate. The main benefit to this system are it allows clearer communication over a wider area than before. The fire department is still dispatched on our old frequency of 155.820 initially, and then we switch over to the digital 800 system. The police use strictly the digital system. In order to listen to us on the new 800 system you must have a scanner capable of receiving digital signals, which is the APCO-25 standard. The main two sources for these scanners are Radio Shack and Uniden.
  • What do I do with old propane tanks that I no longer want?
    You can take them to propane filling stations. Most will take them for a small fee. Pennington Gas on Old US-23 south of Fenton will take them for around $2 a container.
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