The Cemetery Board is continuing to work on several projects they began in 2010 to help get some needed improvements within Oakwood Cemetery. They have established a "Friends of the Cemetery" for anyone who would like to help with projects in Oakwood. This group serves as an advisory to the board of the cemetery to help any way the can. Many of these “Friends” are former board members who love the Cemetery and want to see it get better with age.  If you are interested in helping in any way on cemetery projects or other improvements, please call the City of Fenton at 810-629-2261 and talk to Mr. Daniel Czarnecki, Director of Public Works.


The City of Fenton has hired Fenton Cemetery Service to handle the sales of burials plots at Oakwood Cemetery.  They also are the ones who perform the internments within the cemetery.  Please contact them at 810-629-2847 to make an appointment for services.

Call Us At (810) 629-2261