Administration Department

The City Manager is the top administrative officer for the City.  The City Manager is appointed by the City Council.  The City Managers duties include but not limited to:

  • To see that all laws and ordinances are enforced under the direction of the council.
  • To be responsible to the council for efficient administration of all administrative departments of the city government except the departments under the city attorney and finance officer.
  • To manage and supervise all public improvements, works and undertakings of the city.
  • To have charge of construction, repair, maintenance, lighting, drains and cleaning of all streets, sidewalks, bridges, pavements, sewers and of all public buildings or other property belonging to the city.
  • To manage and supervise all city utilities.
  • To be responsible for the preservation of property, tools, equipment and appliances of the city.
  • To see that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the city or its inhabitants in any public utility franchise or in any contracts [,] are faithfully kept and performed.
  • To attend all meetings of the council with the right to take part in discussions but without the right to vote.
  • To prepare and administer the annual budget under policies formulated by the council and  keep the council fully advised at all times as to the financial condition and future needs of the city and make such recommendations as may seem to be advisable.
  • To recommend to the council for adoption such measures as he may deem necessary or expedient.
  • To act as the purchasing agent for the city or delegate such duties to some other officer or employee of the city; provided that such delegation shall not relieve the city manager of any responsibility for the proper conduct of such duties.
  • To prepare and submit to the council as of the end of the fiscal year a complete report of the city’s business and make the same available to the public in such form as will disclose pertinent facts concerning the activities and finances of the city government.
  • To conduct all sales of personal property which the council may authorize.
  • To assume all the duties and responsibilities as personnel director of all city employees or delegate such duties to some other officer or employee of the city, provided that such delegation shall not relieve him of any responsibility for proper conduct of such duties.
  • To perform such other duties as may be prescribed to by the Charter or required of him by ordinance or statute or by direction of the council, or which duties are not assigned to some other official in conformity with provisions of this Charter.
  • To be a member ex-officio, of all committees of the council.
  • To prepare and administer an administrative code which, when adopted by the council, shall supplement this Charter in establishing the duties and functions of each officer and department of the city.
  • To appoint with the consent of the council the heads of the several city departments whose appointment is not other wise specified in this Charter and to direct and supervise each department head.
  • To establish any rules necessary to carry out any of the foregoing duties.
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