About the Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) was established in 1993 to correct and prevent deterioration in the business district, encourage historic preservation, authorize the creation and implementation of development plans in the district, and use tax increment financing within the DDA district.

A 13-member Board of Directors governs the DDA, and in turn, the Board provides direction to the Executive Director, Michael Hart.

The theory was that investment in downtown would stimulate property value and the taxes on growth would be reinvested in the downtown. The DDA Executive Board of Directors are Chairman Craig Schmidt and Vice-Chairman John Strayer. The Board is comprised of Mayor Sue Osborn, merchants, property owners, and residents of the community.

The DDA has already invested approximately 7 million dollars in capital improvement projects and 1.8 million in property acquisition. We strive to implement the Downtown Master Plan and Design Guidelines that were adopted in March of 2007. This involves not reinventing the wheel, but moving it forward by creating synergy with the City Council, Planning Commission, developers and the public to continue our track record of completing successful projects within the DDA District.

Please Contact the Fenton Department of Economic Development. We'll help you get to know Downtown Fenton.

The purpose of the DDA is to improve the Downtown District through effective planning and implementation of public improvement projects; promote and coordinate activities aimed at improving the business climate within the district; retain existing businesses and attract new operations that complement the existing commercial offerings; foster development, redevelopment and expansion within the Downtown District; establish a defined, attractive, and distinctive character for the Downtown District; conserve and revitalize existing private operations by eliminating incompatible uses of land or structure; and support high standards for the future site improvements and new developments as a method to upgrade the quality of life within the City in innovative ways that are beneficial to all facets of the community.

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Download a copy of our DDA Statute (PDF)

2010 DDA Development and TIF Plan (PDF)

DDA TIF Plan Amendment 2014 (PDF)

DDA Service Contracts (PDF)

Our Board

Mayor Sue Osborn

Craig Schmidt, Chairman

  • John Strayer, Vice Chairman
  • Tom Bertschy
  • Terry Green
  • Gary Henderson
  • Doug James
  • David Owocki
  • Scott Pushman
  • Patric Parker, Citizen Representative
  • Terry Steffey

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