Conceptual Downtown Plan

Ideas for the Downtown Plan

Sparking some development with the new concepts contained in the Plan is a key objective. More living space developed for downtown would be beneficial to Fenton. We'd like to see some condominiums coming in that will create the optimal mixed-use that we are seeking. The Plan suggests filling in the property gaps with new development. The new structures might contain retail shops on the ground level with luxury condos or apartments on the upper levels. This concept would permit the growth of our retail shopping while promoting greater population density in the downtown area. People want to live in downtown areas, and this plan addresses that need.

Areas Involved

The plan focuses on 6 districts located in Downtown Fenton. These include the historic Dibbleville, the government and civic district, the river district, downtown district, rail district and north Fenton. It is the intent of John Dziurman Architects to produce a plan that will not only visually link these areas together but provide the City of Fenton with a tool to create a unique downtown that would offer residents and visitors options for entertainment, shopping, and services, all in 1 package.

The Master Plan Committee has a conceptual plan for our city's downtown that we believe provides for its needs over the next 10 to 20 years. We have incorporated enhancements and improved land use that should provide for improved economic growth, and we have committed to vastly improving our infrastructure. Now we need to take the next steps to firm up the details and make the plan actionable. We have put together the guidelines, the implementation plan is in place, next is a review by the Board, followed by adoption by the City Council and Planning Commission. Great progress has been made to get this far. Fenton is looking forward to progress.

Conceptual Master Plan Objectives

  • Offer infill and redevelopment opportunities to create a consistent building line at the street front
  • Reduce gaps that discourage pedestrians
  • Direct uses with higher parking demands to locations with convenient access to ample parking
  • Concentrate pedestrian-generating uses together and provide ample sidewalk and circulation features
  • Maximize potential uses of sites within the DDA through multiple story buildings, mixed-use building and high residential density
  • Stagger buildings to provide areas for pedestrian activities and shortcut connections