Department of Public Works

The City of Fenton's Department of Public Works consists of 2 major divisions, the Department of Public Works (DPW) and the Water Department. In total the two departments have 15 full-time employees and we add several part-time helpers in the summer months. We also have 1 employee who performs building maintenance on City Hall, the Police building, and the Fire Hall.

DPW Responsibilities

The work crew maintains over 60 miles of streets within the city. This includes patching and street repairs, sidewalk and curb work, sweeping, and sign maintenance. 

The DPW crew also maintains 50 miles of sanitary sewer lines, 45 miles of storm sewers, and maintains 7 sewer pump lift stations. 

The department also performs miscellaneous work in the cemetery and parks, trims and removes trees, hauls brush for residents, assists with many festivals and events within the community, and responds to calls and requests for the citizens of our community. 

With assistance from water personnel, the DPW crew also plows snow from our streets and hauls it from the downtown area during the winter months. 


The goal of the DPW is to be proactive with maintenance of our streets and sewer systems, to help to provide a clean and safe community, and to be available to respond to the citizens of Fenton.

Water Department Responsibilities

The Water Department consists of water treatment and water distribution. 

Water Treatment Employees

The Water Treatment Plant is operated by 5 employees. These workers must be certified by the State of Michigan, Department of Environmental Quality with an F-treatment certification. Currently, we have one operator, who has an F-1 license, which is the highest given in Michigan. 

Water Distribution Employees

The water distribution department maintains 55 miles of water mains, which includes reading over 4,300 meters each quarter, repairing meters and water breaks, performing valve turning and hydrant flushing to clean the system, and responding to citizen concerns and complaints. All this is accomplished with 3 full-time employees. 


Our goal is to supply quality water to our customers at a reasonable rate. If you are experiencing discolored water, please call City Hall at 810-629-2261. They will take your information and will inform the water crew of the complaint so it can investigate.

Water Department Documents