Utility Billing / Meter Reading

At the present time, the City of Fenton reads water meters for billing on a quarterly basis. Meters are read in the months of March, June, September and December, with bills being mailed out in April, July, October and January. Payment on utility bills are due by the 17th of the month without penalty; after that date, there is a 10% penalty added to each bill.

Residential utility bills consist of capital charges and consumption charges for water and sewer, as well as a fee for recycling. Water and sewer consumption charges are based on water meter readings. Currently, water is billed at a rate of $6.20 per thousand gallons metered. Sewer is charged at a rate of $6.22 per thousand gallons metered. In addition to the consumption charges, there are also capital charges for each utility. The quarterly capital charges are $69.60 for water, $7 for sewer, and a $21.60 ready-to-serve fee for each residential equivalent unit from Genesee County. Finally, your bill also has a Refuse and Recycle fee of $36.69. Rates for businesses or commercial water users may be higher, depending on the size of the water service and number of residential equivalent units assigned to your account. Please contact City Hall at 810-629-2261 for information on your business or commercial water meter size, residential equivalent for unit for your account, or if you have any utility bill questions.

Water Meter Replacement

The City is still working on the replacement of water meters. We are trying to upgrade all services to electronic readers for our meters. This would allow us to read meters without entering homes, which allows for the meters to be read more quickly. If you have an old meter, please contact City Hall at 810-629-2261 to schedule its replacement. There is no charge to residential customers for this service.


Please contact the City when you are moving so a final reading can be made on your water meter. This allows the City to update our records and record the responsible party for the water meter payment. Failure to make the City aware of your moving may result in you paying additional utility bills and other charges. Final reads and changing or updating records is as simple as a phone call to City Hall at 810-629-2261. Make the call to limit your liability for the utility bill.