Truck Number: 45-Utility-27

  • Manufacturer: Chevrolet
  • Model: Silverado
  • Make of Chassis: 2500
  • Function: Support vehicle
  • Year Purchased: 2020
  • Cost to Purchase: $34,000
  • Replacement Due in: 2035
  • Engine Make: Chevrolet
  • Pump Type: Not applicable
  • Pump Make: Not applicable
  • Water Tank Capacity: Not applicable
  • Special Equipment on Board: Oil dry for cleaning up fuel and oil spills, salt de-icer for winter calls, brooms, shovels, grass fire portable water backpacks, hydrant tools. Two special water extinguishers are carried on the truck with an Environmental Protection Agency-approved product called Micro-Blaze, which is a product that eliminates the flammability hazard of a fuel or oil spill. It is a hydrocarbon neutralizer that we spray down on top of the spills that breaks down, degrades and digests the waste of the molecules and basically eats them away. This is a sound and environmentally friendly way of cleaning up these spills in our environment instead of just washing them off the road with water alone, which pollutes the surrounding environment.
  • This truck is used for: Environmental clean-ups of fuel and oil spills, vehicle accidents, grass/brush fires, tornado watches and electrical wires down responses.
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