Arts and Culture Commission


  • Sue Osborn 
  • Pat Lockwood
  • Tracy Bottecelli
  • John Strayer
  • Jennifer Hamilton
  • Beverly Tippett
  • Ed Koledo
  • Linda Dyball
  • Toadie Middleton
  • Eric Szczepanski
  • Annie Anglim
  • Nancy Draves

Meeting Dates

Second Friday of the month at 9a.m.


The Commission shall be composed of eleven (11) members appointed by the Mayor, with the approval of City Council. 


The objectives and purposes of the Commission shall be to advise and recommend to the City Council and City administration appropriate means to encourage, facilitate, and promote arts and culture in the City, including any of the following:

  • Promotional and educational activities aimed at increasing the public awareness of the necessity and desirability of the fine arts, performing arts, crafts and culture, particularly as they may be beneficial to the development of downtown Fenton.
  • Enlisting the support of business, industry, educational institutions, civic organizations, and service clubs, as well as the general public, in the promotion of arts and culture in the City.
  • Establishing working partnerships with other arts and culture organizations, in order to effectively promote and encourage the pursuit of arts activities in the City, and in particular, within the area of downtown Fenton. 
  • Support and facilitate the goals and objectives of the City's guiding development plans including the master plan and the DDA development plan. 
  • Organize and maintain outdoor and indoor arts, crafts, and cultural exhibits.
  • Work in conjunction and cooperation with the Fenton Community and Cultural Center where possible. 
  • Develop and recommend a cultural plan for the City of Fenton.
  • Perform any related duty delegated by City Council.