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Downtown Development Authority

  2. MEETING DATES: 3rd Tuesday of each month.
  3. APPOINTMENT: The Downtown Development Authority shall be under the supervision and control of a board consisting of the Mayor and eight to twelve members appointed by the Mayor, subject to approval by the Council. A majority of the members shall be persons having an interest in property located in the downtown district.
  4. PURPOSE: Improve the downtown district through effective planning and implementation of public improvement projects. Promote and coordinate activities aimed at improving the business climate within the district. Retain existing business and attract new operations that complement the existing commercial offerings. Foster development, redevelopment, and expansions within the downtown district. Establish a defined, attractive, and distinctive character for the downtown district. Conserve and revitalize existing private operation by eliminating incompatible uses of land or structure. Support high standards for future site improvements and new developments as a method to upgrade the quality of the downtown district and to ensure its long term viability. Encourage the appropriate development of vacant parcels and redevelopment of other parcels as necessary to more efficiently utilize land so as to minimize potential land use conflicts. Improve the overall quality of life within the City in innovative ways that are beneficial to all facets of the community.
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